Monetize? Philosophy and rants about movies and sometimes my dogs? Can I ?

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What to watch during the end of the world

Are you stuck at home in self quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic that may be about to cause the actual apocalypse? Are you bored? Do you wonder what you should do to pass the time and stave off the ennui?


Me too!


I created a list of the best apocalypses ever put on film and published it over at This Couch Thing (which, if you don’t know, is my website all about movies, tv, and whatever).


Anyway, read about Our favorite apocalypse over there.

Couch Thing is the new thing and you really should give it a shot.

Okay friends, enemies, strangers, muskrats, etc. Your old buddy Nathan Tyree doesn’t post here anymore. You may have noticed that. Then again, since nobody visits this site it seems likely that you haven’t noticed that at all. Either way, ole nate has a different thing. It’s a big thing. It’s called Couch Thing.


You should check it out. It’s a website type thing all about movies and tv and maybe books and comic books and also culture I think. There’s definitely stuff about Zombie Culture and maybe a bit about the mind / body problem. And lots of complaining about movies that suck.


Give it a look.

Best Movie of the Year

Over at Couch Thing we are trying to improve on the Osacrs. Head over there and drop a vote for the best movie of the year.


Couch Thing

Couch Thing

Check out my new website Couch Thing.


It’s all about movies, TV, and stuff.

Be Just Like Warren Buffett

Wanna get rich playing the stock market? That’s not gonna happen, bro. But, you could buy a few shares of a solid company that pays a good dividend and do better than sticking your cash in a savings account.  You can do it for free, without paying any fees by getting Robin Hood. Use the link below and you get a free share of stock just for signing up (and, I get a free share of stock for sending you). Try it.


Robin Hood and the Merry Investors

President Pence?

almost didn’t see it coming. Trump has strong support from crazies, the far right, the alt-right, bigots, and loons. His problem is that the “moderate” wing of the Republican party fears him. They worry that he may Just start a war with Belgium because he’s bored, or nuke El Paso because it is full of Mexicans. How does Trump fix this?

Now comes a report  that Trump offered Kasich the VP slot with the assurance that he (Kasich) would be the actual President and Trump merely a figurehead. kasich Turned it down.

Now we will hear the whispers that Pence got the same deal. Don’t worry, they will say, Pence is a grown up and he will be in charge. Choke back your vomit and vote PENCE / trump.

This is how this sociopath can win.

I almost didn’t see it.


magazine of the dead

Tara Needs a Van

My friend Tara needs a van with a chair lift. Here’s a word from her sister:


My sister Tara was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and is confined to her wheelchair. Living in Kansas, there aren’t always many resources to get her the equipment she needs. One thing she has always done without is a van with a lift. For years we have had to lift her into a vehicle in order to take her anywhere. This is no longer possible as it is hard on her body as well as ours. A van with a lift would completely change Tara’s quality of life. She has many medical appointments as well as things she would like to be able to do. (We cannot take her anywhere with us, including something as simple as eating at a restaurant). I have struggled with doing a fundraiser for this for a very long time and feel this is the only way Tara is going to get what she needs. If you feel compelled to help, we thank you. (I did not know what to set our goal as, it may seem out of reach, but if we are doing this we are going for as reliable a vehicle as possible)
Help spread the word!
Please help if you can.

Hide the matches

If you have a child that plays with matches you want to fix it. You’ll talk to the kid. You may read articles and books. You may discuss the issue with other parents, spend time in online groups, reach out in other ways. Some people in that situation will see the family doctor. A psychiatrist may be consulted. You will, almost certainly, look for root causes and try to find a long term solution. That only makes sense.

Before you do any of that, though, unless you are an absolute moron, you will hide the fucking matches.

Let me repeat that:


Hide the fucking matches


That’s what I have to say about gun control


Joe Biden is the best choice to be Hillary Clinton’s Vice President. Here are some good reasons to  



Joe Biden for VEEP! Join the revolution!