New Book

The narrator of Stygiophilia has big problems. He may be an alcoholic, the bird-snake god Quetzalcoatl has taken up residence in his apartment, his underage girlfriend may be just using him for sex and he can’t stop mutilating himself. His real problem, though, is that he is starting to really enjoy his life. He carries with him a terrible secret and a set of even more terrible desires that lead him on a year long journey toward a stunning revelation about what it means to be human in a world where humanity is dying. Stygiophilia is sexually explicit, violent, brutal, surreal and crushingly real. Nathan Tyree is the author of the cult classic Mr. Overby is Falling, as well as King of Citizen Bands and How to Make Love Like a Zombie. His books have been read and debated on six continents.

Check out Stygiophilia the new novel from everyone’s favorite psychopath.


An Ordinary Year

Listen up Kiddies. I am starting a new experiment. An Ordinary Year is a novel in progress. Each week (or so) I will write a new chapter and place it on line (without editing). I have no idea how it will develop, and where it will go.

If you would like to watch the fun, check out An Ordinary Year

Magazine of the Dead

Magazine of the Dead (which I have a strange involvement with) is starting a fun new feature. Outside the Illness will be the diary of someone who has survived a zombie outbreak. It is written by David Emerson (of Parallax City fame).

The first installment is online NOW!

How to Make Love Like a Zombie

It seems that I am not the only person who likes the title How to Make Love Like a Zombie. My book,HTMLLAZ has been around for more than a year, and now someone named Violet Blue has used the same title for seems to be a popular essay.