President Pence?

almost didn’t see it coming. Trump has strong support from crazies, the far right, the alt-right, bigots, and loons. His problem is that the “moderate” wing of the Republican party fears him. They worry that he may Just start a war with Belgium because he’s bored, or nuke El Paso because it is full of Mexicans. How does Trump fix this?

Now comes a report  that Trump offered Kasich the VP slot with the assurance that he (Kasich) would be the actual President and Trump merely a figurehead. kasich Turned it down.

Now we will hear the whispers that Pence got the same deal. Don’t worry, they will say, Pence is a grown up and he will be in charge. Choke back your vomit and vote PENCE / trump.

This is how this sociopath can win.

I almost didn’t see it.


magazine of the dead


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  1. That was my thought, when I watched the VP Debate…..
    Pence is one who has alot of control in his mannerisms and voice….he “smooths things over”, once Trump makes an error..
    Some of those i know, who also noticed, see a more sinister plot…..get Trump elected, “eliminate” him, and Pence takes over..
    Really not a far-fetched thought…..


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