Finis Mort

I wrote this movie review a long time ago. It has been haunting me recently. I need to watch it again, but cannot find it. Almost as if it never existed. Strange. Anyway, here is the review:

Finis Mort


Like Mamet without a soul

These Republicans, they are so funny. And sad. Third prize is, you’re fucking fired

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I expand my thoughts on Ratfucking there.

I ate chicken for dinner.

Trying to quit smoking is harder than hell.


Ratfucking is still a thing. The GOP know this. They understand it. It is in their very blood, it pumps through their gristly hearts and feeds the long toothed thing in their brains. Trump attacks McCain’s war record and surges in the polls again. Is anyone surprised? Bush ratfucked Mccain, and Kerry in exactly the same way. This is what Republicans do. Nixon’s sweaty ghost hangs over all of them.

In the meantime, Democrats are, as ever, in disarray. Progressives eat each other. It’s what we do. Then the ratfuckers bulldoze the process and poor children die of preventable diseases and malnutrition. It’s all broken window policing now.

I am curious

Never mind.


David Brooks

I often find myself shaking my head and muttering profanities while reading columns by David Brooks. I cannot understand a universe in which this asshat works for THE New York Times. And still, even with my knowledge of how vapid and facile his average column is, this one made my brain hurt to the point of wanting to crack open. I will not link the stupidity, but rather link to this article about the stupidity

Magazine of the Dead

I still love Magazine of the Dead.