where i have been

As a person with mental and emotional disorders (which may be redundant) I spend a lot of time with doctors having medications adjusted. My recent absence from the interwebs has been due to first a family crises and second a bad reaction to a new medication. Anyway, I am back.

I’m writing again (see “nothing’ above for a taste of the weird I am making) and thinking about submitting.

I have finalized the poetry manuscript (for the second time, I may be a perfectionist).

I hate beans.


Enter the sexy beer girl on mars

I added a ton to NOTHING (that tab at the top that says “nothing”), the novel I am writing (but have no title for – you could suggest one).

I have not been on the interwebs much. We had the long holiday weekend and family stuff. As soon as that was over my aunt was hospitalized and we were all very worried and had to spend much time dealing with family.

I don’t like hospitals. I refuse to die in one.

Oh, and I really like this