Elephant beards

My beard has something to offer for Elephant summer.

Oh yeah, and my mother is a fish.

Oh yeah again, I’m listed at Fright Outlet


Elephant Summer Rolls on

Over at the site of the marvelous xTX, Betty White Fucked My Elephant; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pachyderms, a new story by little old me has been added to the series of great elephant related fiction.


So, there’s this scammer scumbag named Michael Duckett who preys on writers. Over at HTML Giant they have been exposing Duckett’s ass-hatery. It seems that Gene got this letter from the douche:

Mr. Morgan:

You are hereby notified to cease and desist your slanderous and libel remarks about myself, Dr. Michael J. Duckett, and my companies (Upgrading Life, Inc. and Hyper Publishing Company).

Please remove all defaming material from your website/blog, HTMLgiant.com. Failure to comply with this request could result in criminal and civil actions brought against you, your company, and agents.

I expect this request to be fulfilled within a reasonable time frame of 72 hours from the date of this email. If you do not comply within this time frame, I will turn this over to our legal department for further action.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Dr. Michael J. Duckett, DC, JD

Everyone should make it a priority to give the “doctor” as much crap as possible. Link the HTML Giant posts with Michael Duckett‘s name so that google finds them easier!

Yay for free speech.


I am back. My father and I left half of mom’s ashes in Horseshoe Park in the Rocky Mountain National Park and half of her in Indian Springs, Texas. These were her two favorite places. I think that she would have been pleased.

We took a side trip to Seabrook then Keemah. I needed that. The ocean had a powerful desire to remind me how big it is and how small and insignificant I am. I could not tell it no.

The exhaustion from so many days on the road will take some time to get over.

Back at home I found out that a story of mine called “Lucky Strike Conspiracy” is going to be in a lovely publication called The Story Garden.

The cover of issue three of Gustaf Magazine is on-line. I will have a piece in it, so that makes me happy.

I got a ‘maybe’ from an e-zine that I really want to be in.

My advance copy of Blake Butler’s Scorch Atlas came in the mail. It is a beautiful object.

I’m going to submit to a book of literary tattoos. Info can be found at HTML Giant.

The work has really piled up for Thirst for Fire. I have a lot to do.

I wish I was drunk.

So many things, so few of them meaningful

Twitter 666 is being talked about on this blog.

Like actually a couple of for real humans have purchased and reviewed Stygiophilia.

Chris Higgs is now on HTML Giant which makes me happy.

I’m really enjoying being part of Thirst for Fire.

Now this:

I will be away. Off the grid. I doubt that I will have any internet access for several days. Saturday morning my father and I will begin a trip to the Rocky Mountains where we will hike into the wilderness and disperse my mother’s ashes to the mountain gods.

When we get back I will continue my useless existence and my internet tendencies.

Susie Morris

Over at Amazon Susie Morris, while reviewing Stygiophilia called me “a guy with serious issues”. I feel all warm and fuzzy.

Also, crazy

Quentin Smith

Very busy. Very tired. Not much to say.

For now, consider reading This argument from Quentin Smith and giving it some serious thought.

That is all