Oprah again

It seems that Oprah Read This has come back to life. The traffic to the site has increased massively. This story by the cool xTx is the culprit pulling in all the hits.

I’m proud of what Caleb and I did with ORT. I hope more people read it.



I RevieweD Darran Anderson’s poetry collection, Tesla’s Ghost, for Trick with a Knife. A lovely book it is.

Spent much of the day polishing the manuscript. I have a deadline, you know?

Did manage to write a new poem today.

Hands are trembling

Big Fucking News

I found out today that Black Coffee Press is going to publish my poetry collection: When You Are Sleeping I Will Evolve into a Bird. I should sign the contract soon. The book will be out in 2012, unless the Mayans were right.

That is all

Old Fish is up at Fried Chicken and Coffee.

I want this done with my remains.

Mr. Hyde

P.H. Madore is giving away a free computer at Trick with a Knife, plus I linked some stuff. So, deal with it.

I had a blackout. Yesterday is gone. I have no memory of it,

yours truly,

Mr. Hyde

Big Fish

Fried Chicken and Coffee (edited by Rusty Barnes) just accepted a story of mine called “Old Fish”. Excited is the word.

Trick with a Knife is taking submissions so don’t be late.

I’m tired of vegetables and yet I love them.

Tesla? Really?

Tesla’s Ghost by Darran Anderson came in the mail today. I have a big hard-on to read it and a review will be spewing forth like hot semen (man, that sounds gross).

I also got some kind of crime novel from Serpent’s Tail. I like me the crime novels (Jim Thompson and such) so I am sorta so-so excited by that.

Got my dick sucked last night.

Part of my intestine is under the couch.

Fuck you