Not much of anything

I’m not feeling very anything right now. I hate when I find this place. I had days of the manic phase – all the energy, all the moving, the strange joy and constant talking and weird ideation. Then, like clockwork, the depression that always follows. Sinking, trying to hit bottom and finally finding it. Then this. The nothing. The nothing is worst. I wish I could weep. I wish I could hate. Laugh. Scream. But I don’t have any need for those things now. It just is.

I’m not submitting now. It feels cleansing. I just write, then ignore it



I love movies. Very few films in the last decade have effected me as deeply as Lars Von Trier’s masterful Antichrist. I have watched this movie three times, and still feel that I need to see it more to fully understand all the nuances of it. This film stands alongside Visitor Q, Blue Velvet, Pink Flamingoes and Fellini Satyricon in my estimation. It is Hostel raped by Bunel’s Exterminating Angel giving premature birth to a bastard child. It stands above criticism. I cannot commend this film highly enough.

On another note: www, is getting some good notice. It is my hope that someone will sue us over the defamation they will assume. Our writers have created great things. If you have not read it, you should.

I should have some big news soon. Thirst for Fire has bi things coming and there is another project coming o fruition.

Also this: God Bless You Matthew Broderick is a screenplay written several years ago by my friend Terry Doss and me. It is funny, sad, weird, a parody of 80’s teen comedies about a young man with mental illness. It is mostly monologue. No action, but a little nudity. It needs to be filmed (and could be done so for almost no money at all). Are you a film maker? Do you want to be? Email me at I’ll send you the script. We can make a deal. It will be cheap.

Love to all

Oprah Read This

It is now 2010 (do we say two-thousand-ten or do we say twenty ten?). This is the year we make contact, right? It’s going to be another year anyway. There’s no denying that. 2009 was a load of bullocks. 2008 sucked pretty heavily. May ’10 will change things. I’m not holding my breath.

There is something good to start the year:

Oprah Read This. Caleb Ross and some weirdo (me) came up with this idea for a web anthology. It is live. It has stories by Mel Bosworth, Chris Deal, Christopher Dwyer, Paul Eckert, Nik Korpon, Kevin Sampsell, xTx, and others. Each story features a writer (often behaving badly). Maybe someone will sue us. If so, see you in court!