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I have been asked to write my autobiography. I am tempted to do it, but only tell lies.

Enter Title Here

William Blake and Stallone.

I am on an anti-psychotic and it is tasty.

Working on what I now think is called People in the Worst Way

I want more cheese.

Dexter and the midnight runners

Dexter Morgan is pretty cool.

I did this at TWaK but thought I’d toss it around here too:

I am a Batman fan. I discovered the comic books when I was a kid and found that in certain hands (Allan Moore and Frank Miller, for instance) the character could be used for actual literature. In the past the Batman movies have been crap.

Christopher Nolan changed that. Batman Begins was a fine film. The follow up, The Dark Knight, was close to sublime. It stands as the best comic book film made so far.

When I heard that a third movie was in the works. It did not seem to me that the second film could be topped. But then, during conversation with my wife, a workable idea came up. The perfect plot for third film could involve the death of the Batman, but this is an even better idea:

The villain (say The Riddler, maybe) tricks Batman into killing an innocent person (or even simply believing that he has). To really ramp it up the victim could be someone close to Batman (Gordon, maybe). In uncontrollable rage and remorse batman lashes out and kills the villain. The he breaks completely. The film ends with Bruce Wayne locked up in Arkham Asylum.

That’s our idea.

Troglodyte is a fun word.

Two titles and I don’t know which is better. Without knowing what they are titles for, which do you like:

Horses, Men and Dogs

People in the Worst Way

That’s all I got

Edited to add: There is this