Semen flavors up the coffee

It does, it really does. Starbucks comes in your coffee, according to a Christian preacher who may be sniffing glue. Amazing what rightwing xtians are capable of believing.


Bernie Sanders in 180 Seconds

A video of Bernie Sanders that you must see

Bernie kicks ass!

Damn! Bernie is at 52% in the granite state. He’s leading Hillary in Iowa as well. North Carolina is still a big problem. It’s a problem that his team needs to address now! But damn!

Sam Harris and Capitalism

Follow the link to where I rant a bit about Sam Harris and Capitalism.

I have had a terrible cold for the last two days. There are not enough drugs in the universe to make me feel better. We need stronger drugs, much stronger drugs.

When Trump is elelcted President

This is what will happen.

I am certain of it.

Just you wait!

Bernie isn’t a serious candidate

Yes he is! He is winning. Bernie Leads in New Hampshire, and it isn’t a small lead. He is coming close in Iowa. It is called momentum, my friends.

Just messing with a friend

How to launch a baby into space