I’m in a psychology article?

Yeah, I googled myself. A couple of these things I’ve seen. Phantom of Pulp says much nicer things about me than I deserve. So does Fright.com. Neither of those seem all that weird, as they review things what is weird is this:

In contemporary literature, themes of nihilism can also be found in many of Kurt Vonnegut‘s books. [citation needed]Robert Stone, additionally, is a contemporary American novelist who has often thematized nihilism in his work. In A Flag for Sunrise (1981), for example, the anthropologist Holliwell is a protagonist struggling against his own nihilistic tendencies. [citation needed] Another American author who is commonly believed to deal with themes of nihilism is Chuck Palahniuk. In his 1996 novel Fight Club, for example, the ultimate goal of the book’s ‘project mayhem’ is the destruction of modern civilization in order to rebuild humanity. [citation needed] Palahniuk, however, claims that he does not deliberately focus on the subject. [citation needed]Nathan Tyree‘s Novel, Mr. Overby is Falling, is another current example of nihilism in literature. In that book the main character longs for the destruction of all society, so that the world can be cleansed of evil. [citation needed] Nihilism is also a common theme in the worldview and writings of horror author Thomas Ligotti, as well as Bret Easton Ellis[9][10].

-psychology Wiki

A psychology Wiki mentions me? How the hell did that happen?


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