We don’t talk about these things. Not at all. Stop asking.

Anyway, this is sort of unformed but is simply something I have been thinking about. I know a writer (I won’t name this fellow out of respect) who has had incredible success. A few small press books have been followed by a multi-book deal with a major publisher. I like this dude on a personal level. Beyond the personal, he makes extraordinary sentences which sometimes lead into beautiful sections. Yet, none of it ever coalesces into anything really.

His work, while pretty on the level of language and form, says nothing meaningful about what it is to be human. It also fails to rise to the pure entertainment level of pulp (like Jim Thompson or Stephen King).

So, what he makes are great sentences, not great stories or books.

I want to make great stories (or books). Does this mean that I should stop trying to make great sentences? Should I want to unmake great sentences? Unmake words?

Maybe I am rambling.


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  1. Speaking of great stories… I’m coming up on the final lap of KING OF CITIZEN BANDS. Both terribly entertaining and insightful. Will review it on blog shortly. Thank you!


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