She wakes me and says hallelujah

It was fucking hot. I meant to shave my beard, but couldn’t stop. Now I’m bald. I look like I escaped from an insane asylum.

My aunt gave me the new Stephen King book. It’s called Blockade Billy. I hadn’t heard of it. I think it’s about baseball or something.

I don’t care for the thing that is stalking me. It is a perfect engine, as the movie says. My first memory, and forever I thought it was real, is of a shark devouring a boy on a yellow raft. Blood spurted in arcs through the air and the screams coated the beach. I saw JAWS on TV when I was 12 and realized that my earliest memory was a movie. Still, that shark is stalking me. There is no shark like fear. I avoid lust and eat cold spaghetti from a can while drinking Ten High bourbon and flipping the channels on the antiquated TV set bolted to the dresser.

I no longer know my name, so I use a different one everywhere I go. Cullin is the name I gave at the front desk. In the bar I was Macgregor because it reminds me of Highlander, and I think there can be only one. Just me and the shark.

She wakes me and says hallelujah

Twak has an argument


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