Kathy Acker Blew Me

The last time I did this it left scars. My skin wears the memory of everything that has come before. The marks are like breathe and eyes and dawn left to die on a silent beach. Time to light another cigarette and take another drink from the bottle that rests next to the bed. Amber liquids could be used as evidence for the existence of God, but that would just be bullshit. No life. No love. No remorse for the things that I have done and that is the best argument for nihilism. Fuck this and fuck you and fuck me most of all.

I want to apply for a job in sales.

I had a subscription to the resurrection, but Mr. Morrison stole it then had it cancelled. The bastard is selling coffee in Africa now. He doesn’t think it’s a season in hell, but he’s deluded about that. This is the hour of the witch and blood flows. Yes, blood flows.

I have to get back to the novel.

Did I mention that she doesn’t want it published? It was a shock, but one I can live with.

I like boobies!

I love Lucy. So do you. Fuck those HUAWAK pricks, right?

And now, something for the tempunauts:


Cut me here she says motioning to the soft
pink skin of her belly. My eyes keep moving below
to the place I know will be warm and

Deeper she says, it isn’t bleeding yet
I work the knife and her skin opens
inviting, but that isn’t what I want

Her hand moves across the wound
she shows me the red on her palm
before grabbing my cock
and smearing the blood there
to match the blood that has swollen
it hard

Now, she says, fuck me
so I do, lubricated with her blood



  1. well i’ll be a motherfucking monkey’s uncle.
    word up sir.


    • Uncle monkey touched me one time. We don’t talk about it


      • some things are best left unsaid.


  2. Whoa.
    Like yeah.


  3. If only I had a nickel for every time I came to nathantyree.wordpress.com! Amazing read.


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