Out of Print

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Over the course of a couple of years I wrote a novella. It was called Mr. Overby is Falling. It was (and still is) a nasty, down and dirty little book. At the time I had a few small publication credits under my belt (but not many) and knew almost nothing about the publishing industry.

I searched for publishers that didn’t require an agent and would take email submissions. I found four and set the manuscript to all of them. Two responded with out right “nope, not for us” emails. One (which I knew nothing about) called Publishamerica accepted it. The fourth one never responded.

I was excited. Someone wanted my book. I signed a contract (I had no idea just how bad that contract was since I had never seen a book contract before). Then I waited. P.A. turned out (as most people now know) to be a dreadful publisher. They were always late with royalties; they did nothing to support the book; the only marketing they offered was aimed at me.

Years have now passed. My contract is about to expire. I could renew it (for another seven years of servitude). Instead I’m going to watch my beloved book go out of print. It will be sad. Still, though, maybe I can find a real publisher, a cool small press to take it. Maybe. If the stars align.

So it’s a day of hopeful sadness.



  1. are there no copies left at all?
    i would like to read this..


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