Q and what is up with the narwhal?

I keep not reading Under the Dome by Stephen King. It sets there and taunts me. The thing is a monster.

Madore suggests the subscription model

Speaking of that, I recently enjoyed Old Men, Girls and Monsters by Peter Schwartz. I also dug Jennifer Love Hewitt Times Infinity by Kevin Fanning. These are wee books for getting and reading.

I have made friends with the proprietor of the local liquor store. Oh lucky me!

I want a walrus to sleep under my bed.

A new movie based on a Bukowski book has sparked an interesting conversation. You could take part.

HTMLGIANT Talks about a Lady Gaga Journal.

I want to collect spam and send it to my friends. Not the unwanted email; the fake meat.

What the fuck is the deal with the narwhal anyway?

Do you have any idea how many types of Crows there are? That knowledge would drive you mad before it devoured you.


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  1. fuck me with a slutty pipe


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