Antichrist Converts

I have now convinced three people to see Antichrist (I’m working on number four). They are all as affected by it as I was. One of them is trying to write an essay about it. He sees it as a Jungian parable. He may be onto something, but then that something is only part of everything. After three viewings I am still re-thinking the film’s ending. That’s part of everything too.

There is a new book on its way to me. It’s called Jennifer Love Hewitt Times Infinity. I am looking forward to reading it. A review will follow.

TWAK has a new contributor. His name is Terry Doss and he leaves the gate talking about OmniWrite. There’s some Zen in there as well.


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  1. Antichrist is great. Viewed it twice. Never saw what happened coming, that’s always good. Hide power drill.


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