Taxi Driver

I very much want to write something about Taxi Driver. I have an obsession with that film (not a creepy Hinckley obsession, but more of artistic Ebert obsession). The problem is, I can’t organize my thoughts on the topic. Every time I try I seem to come at it from the wrong angle.

On a related topic I saw Shutter Island last weekend. I was not disappointed. It’s far from the best film Marty has made, but it delighted me all the way through. I think the reviewers and such have gotten much too tied up in the idea of the “twist” rather than taking it for what it is (and I might add that what they see as the twist isn’t really the twist; this is a movie like The Sixth Sense in one regard: critics and viewers seemed to believe that the twist in that movie was that the Bruce Willis character was a ghost, but that didn’t escape any reasonably intelligent audience member right away, the real twist in that film was that the kid saw dead people). The photography is enough to commend this film.

I want to see The Crazies (I am a Romero freak and loved the original). I will not have time to do that this weekend, so I hope to get to it within the next week.

I really cannot talk about it yet, but I’m in the beginning stages of a massive new project that has me very excited. I hope to have some serious details about that soon.

Killer whales are pretty.

I am not at all certain how I feel about avocado .



  1. I want to see the Crazies, but you know–that title, horrible. I grew up on Romero. I grew up next to his places. Family members buried in the graveyard. The first mall I ever went to was the Dawn of the Dead mall.


    • Okay, now I’m jealous.


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