Eating my face

They rearranged the liquor store. I couldn’t find the bourbon and had to ask the college girl behind the counter for help. She explained that they had moved the items that people like to shoplift to the front. This meant that Scotch, Bourbon and Irish whiskeys (and whiskys) moved to the back. Everything good gets farther away. Time is like that.

I want to start a literary / Film / News / Opinion / Whatever blog with a bunch of contributors. I have a name and such. I would need a ton of people to contribute. None of us would make any cheddar, but those who contributed would get some exposure and the freedom to say anything. My biggest problem is that (although I would pay all the costs involved) I have little web design skills. It would be a blog with multiple users, each posting under their own name and with the ability for readers to leave comments and I don’t know how to do that. I wish someone would offer to help.

The machine wants me to do a full back up, but I don’t love it enough for that.

Do I have too many projects? Not if I want to live.

There is a smell I can’t figure out.

I want a buck fifty to not eat my face. I’ll eat my face for a buck seventy-five. Your face will cost two dollars. Your sister’s face I’ll eat for free. That’s just the way it is.


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  1. WordPress has a user platform for that; you just create the blog, and in the blog dashboard, there’s a users section that is pretty intuitive. You can even give each author different roles with different capabilities, i.e. a user with a role of Contributor can write stuff, but can’t attach photos or any media to posts, nor can they actually publish a post, &c. I’ve been using it for my other two blogs, so if you decide to go that route and have any questions, feel free to ask.


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