Seven of them

I am back. Full steam ahead and all that. I feel good. I am taking some time off work and building up my alcohol tolerance. It should be good. I got a nice rejection from a magazine that I could swear I never submitted anything to. I think I was rejected preemptively. That seems genius. Good for them, I say. I have to be stopped and they are the only ones with the balls to do it.

I want to run for office. Something big. Senator, maybe. Picture that: Senator Nathan Tyree. Would anyone vote for me? I couldn’t win. Not here. Kansas isn’t electing a LIBERAL who writes insanity from the gut and is open about being a depressive nut. Maybe Minnesota. But I don’t want to move. Plus, I’m poor. I drive a truck and can do carpentry, so I’m totally screwed.

Maybe I’ll run for President instead.

I finished something big last night.


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