Oprah Read This

It is now 2010 (do we say two-thousand-ten or do we say twenty ten?). This is the year we make contact, right? It’s going to be another year anyway. There’s no denying that. 2009 was a load of bullocks. 2008 sucked pretty heavily. May ’10 will change things. I’m not holding my breath.

There is something good to start the year:

Oprah Read This. Caleb Ross and some weirdo (me) came up with this idea for a web anthology. It is live. It has stories by Mel Bosworth, Chris Deal, Christopher Dwyer, Paul Eckert, Nik Korpon, Kevin Sampsell, xTx, and others. Each story features a writer (often behaving badly). Maybe someone will sue us. If so, see you in court!



  1. Oprah Read This is stellar. It’s a private porno for the moon.

    Seriously though a wondrous read to begin the year with.


    • I’m so happy with how it all came out. Caleb is to thank. He is the genius who did the heavy lifting. I was just a monkey with an odd idea


  2. “Tao Lin Raped Me” has versimilitude. Or however you spell it. He is a cereal rapist.


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