I’ve had the flu, which has sucked. I haven’t been able to get out of bed in five days, but now that I’m out of bed I have good news (other than that chewing gum you like coming back into style). The Broken Plate (Ball State University Literary Magazine) is going to publish “Instructions for Dying”. That makes my muscle aches subside a bit.



  1. get well congrats rinse repeat.


  2. congrats on that, man. i was a contributing editor for BP a few years ago when i was at BSU. i’m glad Sean and this year’s editors have opened it up to be a national journal. it’s something i wanted to do while i was there, but didn’t have the support of a majority of the class.


  3. Congrats on the publishing coming out. Get well. I’m on the tail end of some ass head sickness that knocked my head into a lake three weeks ago.


  4. nicely. I tried to submit, but, uhh, no go. Didn’t have anything I thought worthwhile for them. can’t wait to read “Instructions”. That sounds like a high-concept piece. Can you email Broken Plate and retract it and then let me steal the idea from you?



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