TPS Report

At work they began the layoffs. Wages are frozen. Benefits have been cut. Hours are being reduced. It all blows. I tried to save a job today. I offered to take a pay cut and to talk others into taking a pay cut to save someone’s job. I was told no. Fucking evil corporations should be murdered. Capitalism should die a painful death. Bastards. Will anyone pay me to write poems about their sex life?



  1. if i had money i’d pay you two dollars a week to write about how im not having sex even though my campus is filled with, for a lack of a better term, hoes. very willing hoes.


  2. We had a 5% wage reduction some months ago,. This, after many layoffs and benefit reductions (before the “economic downturn”). Mgmt said wage reduction was “temporary”. Right.
    Good on you for trying to save a job.


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