Random sentences I have written

I want to learn a trick with a knife. Then maybe you will want me again. I could be like Bill the Butcher, but I promise not to kill any Barbers. This time I mean it.

Hope, love, sex, god, faith.
These things she tumbled through
her fingers like so many dice

Radio static in the space between AM stations with lousy reception on a long drive across the darkened highways of the rain splattered upper midwest on the cusp of a new century

“Where’s your coat, sweetie?”

7. There is no god.

He seemed to be looking for someone or something, but it was not at all clear exactly what he was in search of.

The King stuck the cigarette to his lips and asked the kid for a light. His trusty Zippo had floated off into the aether, blinked right out of existence.



  1. I endorse this post. I believe in it and will fight for it. I’m gonna buy a truck and fill it with weapons in case I ever have to fight for it.


    • Thank you. You can share my stash of weapons


  2. point seven and comment one: agreement.


    • I wish you had left a link to your site, blog, whatever


      • nah.
        does this count as an email?


      • it is close enough for rock n roll


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