deluxe authentic vagina

Someone found Waits and Bukowski (my novel blog) by searching “deluxe authentic vagina”. I like that. Someone else searched “sam pink fucks abortions”. That happens to be true. I’ve seen it.

I have alligator dreams.

This article links to here for some reason. I don’t know why, but I’m glad it does.



  1. my website is better than this loser


  2. your blog sucks


  3. people i say go to my website it is famous and the creature is my cusinfor this blog


    • Yes. Visit that site. It explodes faces with the power of exegeneisis and existential, ontological Loathing. Limbic rape is guaranteed. Do it bitches! Do it!


  4. […] deluxe authentic vagina November 20094 comments 4 […]


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