Pushing abortions

The Pushcorpse is complete and turned in to No Colony. I read the entire thing, and it is massive in weird.

Magazine of the Dead: Stories for Abortions is the third anthology (read “print issue”) from Magazine of the Dead. It features a lot of great writing from the last year of MotD, plus a ton of bonuses that have not been seen on the site. In these pages are fiction and poetry by Sam Pink, xTx, Nathan Tyree, Joshua Weston, James (JMES) Horn, Jon Catron, Bradley Sands, Kenji Subaki, Z. Lustig and many others. It should burn your limbic system. You can get it right here. Soon it should be coming to Amazon as well.

Big Ass Update:

I just found out that Dogzplot nominated me for 2009 Best of the Net. I am one of their nominated poets. Thank you Dogzplot



  1. yeah, man. the Pushcorpse was weird like fucking is weird, only weirder and with more slurping noises.


    • I want to try to determine where each person’s section begins and ends. I know the barriers of mine and a couple of others, so I may be able to figure it exactly.


      • That would be a fun project. To help you along, mine is the section that reads about progressive jazz fucking and ugly sleepers, beginning and ending with STOP. i wasn’t too proud of it, but some of the language and ideas i think will become something else.


      • Begins middle of page 13 with STOP and ends after “perfected so you never wake.”


      • I liked that part. Mine begins with “God’s Foreskin” and ends with “you can never forgive god for this”. I don’t know how I feel about my section


      • That was a good section, man. I obviously borrowed that “dream her alive again” line/thought of it for my section; I did some repetition of earlier parts of the piece where I thought there was real merit to what the whole could be.


      • plus, you used defenestrate, which is fucking awesome. i learned that word from the mother of an ex who was a lawyer working on an assault case wherein her client was defenestrated.


      • defenestrate is my favorite word. There are not enough chances to use it in conversation


      • word.


  2. my bit in pushcorpse was when he was in the car with a wheelchairlees Ginger, when he runs over zeus and pulls up a restaurant.

    Oh and well done on the nomination Nate.


    • Oh man, I dug that part!

      And thanks


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