Never do a google image search for “aborted fetus”

I have an acoustic bass. It was obtained for free (long story – a friend thought he was trading his Squire Strat for a small acoustic guitar, which he could take camping but when the girl he made the deal with showed up she had this bass it tow and my friend was unable to say no; what with the girl in question having a vagina and all – he didn’t want the bass, it took up space and eventually he gave it to me). I need to learn to play it. So far I’ve just noodled around (I play guitar badly – call it prison blues: behind a few bars and looking for the key) and may have accidentally played the opening to the bass line from Folsom Prison Blues once. Somehow I think that I will end up giving the thing away before it becomes a real part of my life. I look at it every day, though. It wants to make music. Just not with me.

Christopher Newgent (a very cool guy) has “interviewed” my “web presence” via a cut and paste method at The Idiom, his word killing site that I have been digging for some time now. This is, I think, my favorite interview ever. I especially love that I had no knowledge of it until it was complete and on line.

If you are not yet aware of badbadbad, you should be.

Never do a google image search for “aborted fetus”. Trust me on this.



  1. i’m really glad you liked that cut&paste, man. both times i’ve posted them, i’ve gotten that paranoia pit in my stomach that they’ll be received as shit sticks. seriously appreciate the kind words on it. keep on keepin’ on.


    • I can’t thank you enough for doing it


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