What is the way

This is trying to take the top of my head off.

Caleb Ross and I are kicking around ideas for an anthology. It will be a free e-book. I think that it is going to kick rodent ass in a big way. More info will be forthcoming when we have the details hammered out. Keep your hats on, it could get bloody and wet out there.

I’m getting very tired of boring weekends. Work keeps intruding and fucking up my plans. I may have to kill my job.



  1. Do one about necrophilia, and call it Cold Meat or Cold Feet or Cum Over my dead body, or Rigor Mortis, or Cold Meat.
    Do one about Michael Jackson’s Ghost, call it Now he can go through walls, your children have no escape, or Casper meets Jacko, or To Catch a Transparent Predator, or Ghost 2: Patrick Swayze fucks Jacko in hell, or House of Wax, or Cold Meat.
    Or you could do a J-horror antho and call a Culture Shock: Inspired by Japenese Horror. I like J-horror, and have shared the idea on a few other websites.


    • Jacko could feature in it. Drop me an email and I’ll share the idea (it’s kind of hush hush for now) and see if you want to jump in. . .


      • I’ll send you an email definitely, I’ve got a few ideas for anthos that you may devour.


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