vulva turning black

The No Colony Pushcart Prize Exquisite corpse thingy thing is going ahead. I want to create something that fits with all that comes before, but recognize that I am on a deadline. When I get it I will have less than a day to read, digest and consider the five-thousand or so words that precede my contribution. Then I have to write. What, I asked myself, if I am not inspired by it? What if I can’t figure out where the fuck to go? What will I do? I wrote a backup that I can use if that happens. I think it’s pretty cool. It has foreskin, a vaginal sky, rocks and mountains in it. If it doesn’t go in, then I’ll use it elsewhere. Feeling good about this.

HTML Giant has an interesting conversation about nepotism in the indie lit community. You should join in.

Someone found this blog by searching “vulva turning black”. I worry for their health.


  1. hahahahahhahhha…seriously, vulva turning black, that can’t be a good thing, ever


  2. I’ve been trying to decide the same questions about what I want to write. I’d really like to write something at least somewhat cohesive with the the former, but wanting to turn it around fast enough that I don’t hold up the endeavor makes that seem unlikely. I’m even later in the list than you, so I’d have a lot more to digest.

    It’s good to see I’m not the only one actually picking at cuticles about this.


    • I just hate the idea that I could provide the weak link in something that is otherwise great.


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