breasts cock slide “i” “on her back”

Today one person found this blog by searching:

breasts cock slide “i” “on her back”

Yesterday two people got here by searching for:

legs around him he exploded inside her

Both of these are beautiful, dulcet and dangerous.

I wonder what sort of people these are. Are they lonely, and sad? Do they drink? Do they smoke the same cigarettes as me? I don’t know, but I hope they found something here that they liked.


Issue three in moss

Issue three of Gustaf is coming soon. It’s contributors include me, Jimmy Chen, Tal Lin, Noah Cicero, Ryan Manning, Chelsea Martin and many others.

There is a new issue of Kill Author. It is sweet. I wish that I was in it.

I am sick and at home. Despite this I have proofreading to do for Thirst for Fire. I sent out some new subs last night. One of them I just wrote and really like. The title is ‘your face has a fractal geometry’. I like that title.