risqué Crows and the like

Why the fuck am I fascinated with crows? Sure, they are the prettiest carrion bird, and there are more varieties of them than can be counted by a rational, sober person. Somehow Linnaeus mis-categorized them as song birds, but what the hell did he know, right?

Twizzlers can be used during sex.

I’m writing about crows – I envision a massive series of stories and poems about crows. I’m doing this because I am slightly stuck on the novel (I’m re-working several sections of the novel – they seem like short stories, so maybe I’ll try to get them published somewhere, then when the book is published it can have that cool note: portions of this book appeared, in different form, in X, Y, Z and sexy places as well).

A girl I know has risqué photos of herself on the web. I find that arousing.

I finally saw Watchmen. I liked it okay I “guess” but having read the graphic novel, the movie was a disappointment.

There are foxes near my house and they are not shy at all.


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  1. crows R sexxxy. They are psychopomps, whatever the fuck that means. And they live off the discarded meat of people and other animals. We live to feed crows.

    Bow to your black feathered lords.

    Also, fuck you. Watchmen was hella fun.


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