So many things, so few of them meaningful

Twitter 666 is being talked about on this blog.

Like actually a couple of for real humans have purchased and reviewed Stygiophilia.

Chris Higgs is now on HTML Giant which makes me happy.

I’m really enjoying being part of Thirst for Fire.

Now this:

I will be away. Off the grid. I doubt that I will have any internet access for several days. Saturday morning my father and I will begin a trip to the Rocky Mountains where we will hike into the wilderness and disperse my mother’s ashes to the mountain gods.

When we get back I will continue my useless existence and my internet tendencies.



  1. I’ve just written an… interesting story, how do I submit it to Thurst for Fire.
    Oh and good luck with the trip.


  2. Thanks, I’ll do it right now. I think it’s a pretty good story.


  3. check yer email before you leave.

    it’s all there.



  4. Hey Nate, I’ve been off the grid myself awhile. and am just checking in after awhile away I hope your trip was okay. Sounds like an overwhelming but important thing you and your dad did. I hope this finds you as well as can be expected. David


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