Cyndi and the Wonder Wheel

Wonder Wheel

What the hell is this wonder wheel thingy google has going? I don’t get it. I don’t get it at all.

Relevant related searches for “Nathan Tyree” include Tao Lin? Blake Butler? Okay, I guess, but why those? I need to know. I am too fucking drunk right now to let this go.

In other news, a dusty Cyndi Lauper CD just sent me back 26 years in time (1983 is the year Tao Lin was born, by the way. Who is he to Cyndi Lauper or Cyndi Lauper to him?).

I’m going now. Read the previous post. It made more sense.

EDIT: that pic is too small. Google wonder wheel shows about 30K results for “nathan tyree” and the arms from the center say ‘blake butler’ ‘tao lin’ ‘zombie research’ ‘zombie survival’ ‘peter wild’ and something else.

More drunken editing:

I really, really, fucking really like this sexy hot cum soaked blog


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