Is this really the truth?

I don’t know what is up with Google. I typed my name in quotes and got:

Results 1 – 100 of about 241,000 for “nathan tyree”. (0.87 seconds)

241,000? Seriously? 8 or 9 grand usually seems like a massive result. Really.

Last night I got really drunk, tossed 1/4 sticks of dynamite around. Blew up a lot of stuff. Happy birthday America!

I’m hung over. Everytime I go to a 4th of July party I get drunk and never get laid. I keep thinking about Jack Nicholson.

I watched Jaws last night. I watch Jaws every 4th of July. I watch The Shining every Christmas. These are traditions. Tradition is important. It’s how we transmit our culture to the younger generations.

The Twilight Zone marathon on Sci-Fi is over and that makes me sad.




  1. Every Christmas I watch Slugs the Movie, every new year I watch Troll 2.
    I thought I’d never see a worse movie than Camp Blood 2 (yeah the film is even more rip-offy than Bloody Murder), but I did: the worst movie ever is Black Devil Doll From Hell, you got to watch it.
    There is a great horror conedy out doing the festivals called Travis Betz’s Lo.
    Man I like movies! Infact I’ve got a stomach vagina, which plays VHS and Dvd. DVDDROME if you will.


    • I grew on me last night while watching saw 4


    • Yeah, but is your hand a flesh gun?


  2. Yes, but mine is a Dirty Harry Magnum so I blow any muthafuckas heads clean off.
    Long live the New Flesh, Punk.


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