Christ. Is it just me or are almost all of the cool publishers of experimental or innovative fiction closed to submissions? I mean, what the hell? I have three manuscripts and two novels in progress that no one will have the chance to reject.



  1. I looked at through alot of publishers there, and apparently they are “overwhelmed” by submissions.
    Apart from Marion Boyars, who publish Hubert Selby novels.


  2. But even those guys require you have an agent.


  3. You know, even the more successful writers being published in the “indepentent presses” still don’t make a living from it. I mean a good seller sells maybe a thousand copies, a great seller, 10,000 or so. But to have a great seller, you’ve got to be one of those people who do readings and all that shit, Then one day, you’re not a writer at all, you’re a salesman, with no time to write.
    I dunno, man – that sounds like a job. No real writer wants another job,


    • I think you’re being overly pessimistic. And I think because of Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets, ten thousand sold copies is an achieveable target.
      And if you do a reading you’re not being a salesman at all, you’re simply reading from something you’ve made and worked on and you’re proud of. An author want go door-to-door trying to flog their book. Only people interested in you wiil turn up at a reading, making the reading its self a place for readers to interact in a better environment with the authors they like. I doubt people like salesman badgering on at them.
      Also the owe of seeing an author in person is more exciting than a seller with a sink cleaner or dry wipes or whatever.
      An author is reading from something he created, the salesman is flogging something he didn’t create.
      I’m tired now.


      • Just half drunk & shit-talking. Don’t listen to me.


    • I don’t think I’ll ever make a living, but I love being read…


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