Madam xTx should start a publishing house. No joke – she has a talent for coaxing people to write interesting and disturbing things. And that’s not even taking account of the interesting disturbing things she creates herself.



  1. i dont know what to say.

    um, how big should the publishing house be? If it’s over 1700 sq. feet, i’m going to need some backers. Also, i would like a personal home theater complete with bar and an orgy room. Oh, and I guess a place to do the publishing.


    • Orgy room is the best idea I’ve heard in years!

      By the by, I’m not joking. xTx publications would be the coolest thing evar!


  2. write up a business plan. have your people call my people. if all goes well, we’ll be breaking in the orgy room by this time next year…


    • My business plan involves KY warming liquid and a squid. Is that a problem?


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