I reviewed Everything Was Fine Until Whatever. I agonized over this review. It is clear that Ms. Martin has talent, but this book did not seem to display it. I was not moved and did not care for the effort. I always feel like an ass giving a negative review. Sometimes I hate reviewing books.

Over at my favorite HTML Giant Sam Pink asked a question about editors. The comments have turned into a firestorm about Lee Klein and Eyeshot (which sadly may be going away). Take part here.

I had whiskey for lunch and am having beer for supper.

Is it wrong to pay for sex? I mean, even if she’s a friend and needs the money? Weigh in.



  1. that last question is a good one. my first thought was ‘just give her the money’ but then i thought, rather quickly, ‘if she’s offering sex for money, then heck..just agree on a price for whatever acts and make a deal’

    then i thought, i was born into the wrong gendered body.

    and then i felt shame and confusion with a hint of disgust


    • Hell, I offered to just give her the money, but she thinks that would be charity and wont have it.

      How does one say no to sex from an attractive girl? I don’t think a sane person would.


  2. how come i never get any of these sorts of dilemnas???


    • Hanging with the wrong crowd? I hear publishers deal with this sort of thing all the time.


  3. ha!


  4. Nice review, Nathan, which reflects some of my own thoughts. I’m glad you were comfortable enough to relay your honest opinion.


    • Thank you. I always agonize over negative reviews of small press writers, but I have to stay true to myself or I’m useless as a reviewer.


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