Elephant beards

I’m halfway through The Essential Numbers. Every page is beautiful. Angry. Difficult. Revelationary. Mad.

I love everyone.

I hate everyone.

There are a few that get neither.

Elephant Summer has begun.



  1. Michael “the child molesting freak” died, I feel sad.
    Now he can’t hide in his scary amusement park, like Scooby Door Villain, anymore.


    • Make that Scooby Doo villain


      • I need to re-word that completely.
        Michael Jackson Dead: I’m Sad.
        I’ll never try to be witty again.


    • He would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids


  2. I love everyone and I hate everyone just the same. Of course always with good intentioned htaem and a little twisted love


  3. i think i will get that book then.

    i think good thoughts about n.t.


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