this is my dead muskrat

Fuck your poseur god. He can take his silver coke spoon, gold medallions and genocide and go right to hell. Fucking pederast, misogynist pocket deity. Screw that shit. God can suck my cock.

I am in a bad mood, in case you can’t tell.

Farrah died. I will miss her red swimsuit and up-flipped soft hair. I hope she and Ryan enjoyed their last months together.

I want to know when I will die. To the second.

If you plan on killing me, please tell me when.

Someone got to this blog by searching the phrase: charles bukowski fucking tom waits.

Who would search for that>



  1. the pederast shout made me picture walter sobchak.

    yeah, been a pretty shitty day all around.


    • Seriously, eight-year-olds Dude.

      Viva Lebowski.


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