Numbers and such

I got an advance reader’s copy of The Essential Numbers by Gordon Massman today. I have started dipping into it. So far I love this fucking book. The man is almost as angry as I am.

I spent a lot of today with my attorney. That is always fun.

Now I’m watching Law and Order and wishing that the world was a better place.

It’s too fucking hot outside.

I have nothing meaningful to say.



  1. Hi Nate, just wandering if you know about any obscure explanation horror flicks, so I can rip one off for a story idea.


    • Off the top of my head, no. Let me think about it.


  2. is that book good cuz i made a note to get it. be truthful and do not be a lyin’ sunnuvagun.


    • I’ve only read a bit, but so far I love it


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