Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae is a ponzi scheme. If you have any doubts, then you have never dealt with them. They loan you money for school, “sell” that loan to themselves, add on extra fees because the loan was “sold”. Then, because they didn’t tell you that your loan is now owned by one of their bullshit subsidiaries, when you send a payment they cash your check, hold your money for almost a month then send you a refund check and a letter. Then Sallie Mae’s fake made up other company informs you that you are a month late, you owe extra fees and interest and they are going to ass fuck you.

Then, when you get sick of their shit and decide to pay them off they agree to a pay off amount (but insist that it is impossible to give that to you in writing) so you pay the amount they say you owe. They cash your check five days later. Then a month and a half later they insist that you owe more money.

Fucking piece of shit mother fuckers should all be forced to eat their own shit.


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