Blood Meridian

Over at The Onion, Harold Blood discuses Blood Meridian. Here’s an excerpt:

AVC: When you called it “the ultimate Western”, did you mean merely the paramount example of the genre, or its final expression?

HB: No, I meant the final one. It culminates all the aesthetic potential that Western fiction can have. I don’t think that anyone can hope to improve on it, that it essentially closes out the tradition. And in the sense that it serves as an extension of the pastoral tradition, it provides an interesting and ironic contrast with American Pastoral by my friend Philip Roth.

You should read this and ponder it. Blood Meridian is a massively beautiful and yet repugnant book. One of the best of the 20th century as far as I am concerned.

Read this interview, and if you haven’t already, read the book.

It looks like I am getting a review copy of The Essential Numbers. I very much look forward to reading it.

Oh, and you should have a look at this here



  1. I just watch a great Horror/Thriller called Mr Brooks, it’s the best thing Costner has done since JFK. You should check it out if you get the time.


    • saw it a few months ago. I half loved it. When they broke away from Brooks and his “friend” to focus on the cops, I got annoyed. Demi Moore bored me. I felt like they had a great film, but didn’t believe in their concept enough to stick with it. Don’t get me wrong: it’s a very good film (with too fucking massive performances at the center), but the long sequences with the cops drag it down a bit. It still works, but I wish they could have just stuck with Brooks.

      I know, I’m an annoying elitist asshole. Don’t get me started on SAW (where every time they left the two dudes in the room they were raping what would have been a little bit of genius)


      • Edit in : two, not too


      • Demi Moore is as wooden as ever in the movie, I don’t think she can do a more complicated role than St Elmo’s Fire or she look like a piece of Ikea furniture.
        But on the whole the movie is solid, like you said it didn’t need anyone else except Costner and Hurt.
        I think of Mr Brook as a mix of Hannibal Lecter, Dexter Morgan and Jimmy Stewart.
        Also it should’ve ended with the sissors, if you catch one’s drift.


      • I am with you there. That would have been a great ending.


  2. I just saw Mr. Books over the weekend. And (although I missed the beginning), at about 6 or 7 minutes of watching it and I said outloud, “This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while” and couldn’t believe how it was massively overlooked. I liked Demi in the role. She wasn’t spectacular, but maybe its the actor in me, but I tend to be really critical and know how hard it is to pull it off. And to me, she did.

    But she’s nothing compared to Cosner and Hurt. I mean, I had a smile on my face like, this is a great ass flick. I’m still pissed no one went to see it on a mass level. They were thinking about making sequels and shit. And I know sequels usually fuck things up, but I’d have hope…

    And the daughter, Daniella Panabaker, is an excellent lil actor. She was in ‘Sky High’, but she’s gonna do big things. Very nuanced.


  3. oh, and yeah, I agree, shoulda ended with the scissors. I thought it was. And I was happy, actually. I was like YES, YES! This is a great ending. Perfect.

    Then boom.

    I felt all deflated.


    • I also liked Dan Cook in it. He has done a lot of shit since though.


  4. The reason I decided to watch it was because I seen a good review on youtube by “magnulus”– check his stuff.
    I haven’t seen Sky High, but I always end up watching movies with Kurt Russell, so I’ll look out for little Daniella, see if she’s the next Cate Blanchett


    • She was just okay in Mr Brooks, but I’ll keep an open mind.


  5. I like Harold Bloom’s reading of Blood Meridian.



    • As do I. I like that Bloom admits how difficult the book was for him.


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