Love me, hate me, fight me, fuck me. Please.

I’m starting to get to the point where it seems to be prudent to contact publishers about Tom Waits and Charles Bukowski Fistfight in Hell. I’m not very good at that, though. What I want is for some crazy ass publisher to find me. It will not happen. But… fuck, who knows.

Are you a publisher? Do you want to start a publishing house? Would you like to get going with a book that has a tiny amount of internet buzz and is written (being written) by the biggest pimpin’ self promoting S.O.B. ever? Email me at Things can be arranged.

I don’t want to kill anyone, I just want to make them hurt real bad.

The mighty Sam Pink asked an interesting question over at my favorite HTML Giant.

That’s it. My load is blown for the day. Now I need to do some real writing and then get drunk.

Love me, hate me, fight me, fuck me. Please.

This post is heavy on views so far, which I take as a good sign.



  1. clever.

    What are you looking for in a publisher?


    • Willingness to publish the book in print. I hope to get paid a reasonable royalty, but even that can be negotiated. No advance. Just love. I’m easy.


      • Very easily, actually. I view the writer and the editor as partners


  2. And how easily do you take editorial direction? 🙂


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