Yet another pointless post

Yet another useless update on the search terms that lead people to this pointless blog of mine (these are from the last three months)

nathan tyree 131
tyree weblog 22
vulva 16
nathan tyree wordpress 13
nathan tyree weblog 11
“tao lin” 8 7
\”sam pink\” 6
\”nathan tyree\” 4
stygiophilia 3
teo treloar 3
htmlgiant 3
\”j.h. stotts\” 2
“sam pink” 2
\”6 sentences volume 2\” 2
brandi wells review 2
\”chris killen\” \”the bird room\” 2 2
recaptioned family circus 2
tao lin 2
“carlton mellick” 2
six sentences 2
\”bradley sands\” 2
huge vulva sex 2
open wound cigarette burn 2
jon catron magazine 2
recaptioned \”family circus\” 2
nathan tyree blog 2
review “six sentences volume 2 ” 2
cigarette burns on skin 2
“j.h. stotts” 2
\”kitty snacks\” magazine 1
gozu press 1
tyree/s 1
nathan tyree ebook 1
rambling like 1
how to fuck like a madman 1
cigarette burns on skin how 1
\”howie good\” poetry 1
david erlewine 1
nate tyree 1
rick moody six sentences 1
burning own arm with cigarette 1
what is stygiophilia 1
carlton mellick 1
“nate tyree” 1
nate tyree weblog 1
tyree webblog 1
\”social disease press\” 1
\”i am going to clone myself then kill t



  1. I don’t know what it is, but I keep searching for vulvas and ending up here.


  2. i too like how vulva was in the top hits.

    my current many hitted search term for my blog is, ‘cum on stomach’. radical.


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