I am manic depressive (but they call it bipolar now, as absurd as that sounds), have panic disorder, rage issues, a form of seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D. is the acronym; how fucked up is that), may have A.D.D. and am likely an alcoholic. It’s like I hit the trifecta of shit recognized by the DSM IV. The good news is: if I snap and take somebody out, I likely wasn’t responsible for my actions.

Over 90 submissions out, and no word back. I feel unloved.

I need a rare steak, several shots of good Kentucky bourbon and some thick cut french fries. Then an hour with a high class hooker.

I wish someone would set me on fire.


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  1. if you find someone to set you on fire, let me know so i can join in and they can set us both on fire.


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