Bizaro Bytes

Jeremy Shipp has a great new idea. You can subscribe to his short stories for cheap. Check out Bizarro Bytes.

Geek alert:

I saw Start Trek last night. It was good. They found a clever way to deal with continuity errors that would likely drive Trekkers nuts.

Also, I reviewed Our Beloved 26th for Bookmunch

No one wants this



  1. hey man, I enjoyed star trek as well. my brother in law – a somewhat trekkie – didn’t like it as much but wtf? i don’t know how it could have been much better. i only watched a few of episodes over the years but definitely liked the movie more than i expected.

    and yeah re six feet under (your note) – fuck that was a good show. it got a lot of hate for the keith-david thing but damn that show hit every fucking issue. nate was such a good character. i’m a lot like him, sadly, reasonable one minute and then lashing out the next. ha. hope i don’t go the same way. fuck.


    • I’m a minor geek when it comes to the original Star Trek, and I loved this movie


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