The End

My auction to be a character in my next novel is over. The winner is paying $107.50 (which is more than I thought that I would get).

Now there is a lot of work to be done. A lot of work.



  1. congratulations.
    i hope the person that won is sort of interesting.

    The Mountain Goats

    I am writing a story about incest on my couch.


    • I think that they are.

      incest on your couch? Sounds fun


  2. i phrased that wrong because of rum.

    i meant to say,
    i am on my couch, writing a story about incest.

    so far, there is no couch in the story.
    but there is an attic.


  3. you know…. when you think about it… the amount of money you got isn’t as important as the fact you actually successfully auctioned a space in your novel.

    that’s kinda extraordinary….


  4. nice


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