I’ll Teach You to Suck Eggs

I worked all night, which sucked. Then I came home, drank and watched Rio Bravo. I felt bad. When I woke up there were free books in the mail. Future Tense sent me three free books to review, including Our Beloved 26th by Riley Michael Parker and Everything was Fine Until Whatever by Chelsea Martin. I have stuff to read and review, which makes me feel whole.

It seems that before I passed out I scribbled notes for the eBay novel (which is up to $51). They only make sense to me. These are the things I scribbled:

This is not a remake of rio bravo

Alcoholic loser
dead beat
sex addict
Friend (don’t know him yet- auction still going) tries to save deadbeat
pro wrestling on small scale
tragic back story
maybe some poems and lists and stuff
first person
henry chinaski shows up. – – maybe they go to a reading
why do I think Tao lin is in this???
road trip?
metaphor heavy
lots of sex
some violence
whiskey discussions
secondary characters behave like ghosts


end of notes

The reason I am excited is that those notes represent an entire novel. That’s just the way I roll. Now I need to know who the friend is going to be.

And, on the internet buzz front, my eBay novel got mentioned in Bookfinder.com


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