Phase 2

Phase 2 of my evil plot to rule the world begins today. Everyone who reads this blog knows that I am auctioning of a spot as a major character in my next novel. Here and there on the internet people are discussing this. It has some mild “buzz” I guess.

As part of the auction I guarantee publication of the novel. Obviously this means that if no one else is willing to take it, I will have to publish the thing myself. But I’d hate to do that.

So: are you a publisher? Are you involved in an indie press? Do you want to start a small press? If so, you can have my novel on the cheap. I don’t ask much. Plus, as you can see from what I’m doing, I will be a massive pimp and help sell as many copies as possible.

Anyone interested in any way email

Things can be arranged



  1. Any small press house would be foolish to turn down a good opportunity – good luck!


  2. […] Original post by nathantyree […]


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