If I had a hammer

Looking around my town (which was mostly destroyed by the storm of Friday), I keep expecting to see zombies. Aim for the head, I tell myself. Aim for the head. We’re getting by staying at my Dad’s house because he has a generator. I had a generator, but looters got it. The worst thing for me is, I have to drive to find internet access – which is killing me because I can’t check up on my super crazy Ebay novel gimmick thing. I’m obsessive. Fuck.

Two things are coming together in my brain. A while back I had an idea that involved making Sam Pink (or rather a skewed idea of Sam Pink) in a short story. I emailed him to ask his permission to do this. He liked the idea, but wanted something specific to happen in the story.

As I’ve mentioned here before, I am the only person ever rejected by the Brandi Wells Review. My story was too creepy and made her uncomfortable. Now (being mega-cool) she has asked me to send her things that make her uncomfortable.

I think that these two things are going together. The Sam Pink story will be something for Brandi. As soon as I get my head clear, I will work on this.

I want to lay down fly grooves with a hammer and my skull.

Are you asking yourself yet if you want THIS?

Robot Melon rejected me, but did so very nicely. They liked some of my sentences quite a bit, but felt that the story overall wasn’t a good fit. I can live with that.

Jonny Kelley has a new contest running. Magazine of the Dead will have details soon. All should give it a look.

I fear running out of my meds.

Noah was busy making feet for children’s shoes and trying to keep his mind off the heat which was bearing down on him like window weights hung from his neck. The air had the density of mercury and clung to his skin with a wet warmth that felt like a two inch layer of cotton batting soaked in hot sea water. He wiped sweat from his eyes with a snot encrusted rag and tried to concentrate on getting the toes on straight

I like Vicodin.

Did I mention that I broke my pinky toe? It hurts like hell.



  1. …. wow. sorry.


  2. Is there any chance you will be entering anything in the comp Nathan?


  3. i have a handful of a dead woman’s vicodin in my purse.

    how many are you supposed to take to get high?


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